Children fighting serious illnesses often feel like they are alone. They do not get to see their friends as often as they would like. Most of their time is spent shuffling between hospital rooms or meeting with physicians. With so much commotion on the outside, it can be easy to forget that there is a child on the inside. Starlight makes sure that never happens.

Starlight Children’s Foundation® Canada has been brightening the lives of seriously ill children and their families by bringing them joy, laughter and relief, for 30 years. We focus on the family as a whole, at a time when they feel most isolated, offering programs and events that can provide an escape from the stress of dealing with a serious illness every day.
What makes Starlight unique is that we are there for the entire journey — from hospital to home.
While in-hospital, Starlight provides distraction, entertainment and relief from the stress and boredom of hospitalization. When out-of-hospital, Starlight children benefit from our Starlight Day Brightener Wishes, Starlight Great EscapesTM Wishes and Starlight Once in a Lifetime Wishes — giving them an opportunity to leave the ‘sick’ behind, create special family memories and return home with a renewed sense of strength and hope.

In-Hospital Programs

Starlight Comfort Kits
Starlight Comfort Kits are designed for babies to teenagers and come packed with a range of entertainment and distraction activities. Many seriously ill children cannot share toys because of infection control and that’s why Starlight Comfort Kits are so important in the hospital. The kits give children of all ages something fun to do.

Starlight Fun CentersTM
The Starlight Fun Center® is a mobile entertainment unit featuring a flat screen television and a Nintendo Wii U gaming system preloaded with a wide variety of games, which can be updated annually. This latest generation of Starlight Fun Center® systems are also Internet ready and can be used by Ethernet connection or WiFi, allowing children to stay in touch with friends and family, watch movies and more.

Hospital Happenings
Starlight works with Children’s Hospitals across Canada to bring an afternoon of fun and entertainment to in-patient children and their families. Starlight will plan everything from the decorations and refreshments, to games and prizes for all to enjoy.

Out-of-Hospital Programs


Starlight Great EscapesTM Wishes
Starlight understands what families go through when a child is sick; that is why the Starlight Great EscapesTM Wishes was created. This program provides our Starlight Families with a chance to enjoy fun events together to create priceless memories, relax and then return home with a renewed sense of strength and hope. The variety of activities offered through Starlight Great EscapesTM Wishes are endless: movie screenings, harbour cruises, holiday parties, sporting events, picnics and more.

Starlight Day Brightener Wishes
Starlight Day Brightener Wishes allow a seriously ill child to experience a fun outing and to create positive memories away from the hospital, treatments and therapies. These fun experiences include tickets to a concert, sporting event, museum, attractions and more! Children who are part of our Starlight Great EscapesTM Wishes are automatically invited to participate in the Starlight Day Brightener Wishes.

Starlight Once in a Lifetime Wishes
When a child is seriously ill and the treatment is stressful, tiring and painful, the idea and anticipation of a Starlight Once in a Lifetime Wish can often help to offset this experience. Special moments and happy memories are important parts of being a child, especially for a seriously ill child. The simple act of deciding on a Starlight Once in a Lifetime Wish can empower a child or teen when much of their world is controlled by illness.



Your support makes our Starlight programs possible -- help us reach the thousands of children in Canada who live with serious illness.


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